Why are fluids like energy drinks beneficial for millennial professionals?

It was estimated that millennials would count for about 50% of the workforce by 2020, which, by the way, really did. By 2025 we (I assume you are too) would be the whopping 75% of the total workforce.


It feels precious, right! Indeed, it does. Which makes us the special ones who would, maybe, rule the coming ages.


We belong to that gadget armed breed, girded with laptops, smartphones, tablets, social networks, and a 24/7 plugged in routine.


That's us! That's what is expected from us, and that's how it should be.



A Lifestyle of a Millennial Professional


Millennials are that portion of the demography, who belong to the real achiever’s class. Millennials have a drastically different outlook towards life, specifically millennial professionals. Their expectations from life and employment rules are different than the previous generations. We are the challenge seekers.


Millennial professionals are dream-driven individuals who are passionate about their career, their specific goals and their achievements. These are the tech-savvy, achievement-oriented job-hopping new employee generation that is 24/7/365 "ON".


Be it IT professionals, programmers, web developers, or even freelancers, the millennial generation represents the workforce's fastest-growing segment.


This is a gradual change that is going on for generations.


The Baby Boomers grew up with the slow but steady expansion of technology. In comparison, generation X grew up with a bit faster professional growth, accompanied by the arrival and steady penetration of computers in professional life.


Then came the millennials, or who we all know the "generation Y" cohort. These are the individuals who rule the tech world. They are the technologically accoutered young professionals who witnessed the internet outbreak!


These are the well-educated, confident, skilled multi-taskers loaded with high energy apt for the fast-paced lifestyle they live.


So, what then possibly could be the best to keep us going? An instant energy drink, maybe!

let's check out



What Is an Energy Drink?


Energy drink is any beverage that contains high levels of power-packed ingredients in the form of vitamins, electrolytes, fruit extracts, energy-boosting supplements that are capable of enhancing physical performance and mental alertness.



Why Energy Drinks Suit Millennials?


As seen above, millennials have no time to wait, no time to rest. We are expected to stay active all day. I guess that's the reason why we prefer instant energy drinks.


I understand that the motto of energy drink production itself is to provide instant refreshment to their consumers.



What Type of Energy Drink May Suit Millennial Professionals?


Though several brands are offering all kinds of energy drinks in the market, we need to choose our perfect energy partner thoughtfully as a millennial.


For which best method would be to look for the ingredients the drink offers.


Most of the drinks come in carbonated forms; few are filled with caffeinated products, while some contain high-level stimulants.


Though these energy drinks provide instant alertness, they aren't perfect for our health. I would recommend to avoid them.


Instead, we can trust those energy drinks made up of healthy nutrients, like electrolytes or fruit extracts. The one’s charged with vitamins and minerals are also a great choice.


They rejuvenate you quickly by providing healthy nutrients for your body. Let’s see more



Benefits of Energy Drinks for Millennial Professionals?


  • Energy drinks are the best companions for achievers like us
  • Energy drinks help us finish our goal providing the needed toughness and productivity
  • Electrolytes are minerals in the energy drink that helps regulating and controlling the balance of fluids in the body.
  • Electrolytes play a role in regulating blood pressure, muscle contraction and keep our system functioning properly
  • It helps to keep away dehydration that may cause other problems like fatigue, irritability etc.
  • Activates us to perform better,
  • Detoxifies us by producing more urine and sweat, thus removing the toxic waste from the body
  • Energy drinks improve endurance and boosts our performance level
  • It helps us stay alert for a longer time
  • Electrolytes in the drink enable the flow of electrical signals through the body.
  • They regulate the osmotic pressure in cells and help maintain the function of muscle and nerve cells.



Summing Up


It isn't easy being a millennial. We are stuck between Gen X and Gen Z. we are not slow like the X’s, nor are we, up from the ground like the Z’s. We are millennials!


We equally care about our professional life, so we do about our family life


we equally care about our career as well as our health.


Hence our little choices matter. So only, I think, energy drinks are so perfectly apt for our busy lifestyle. What do you think? Which drink do you prefer?


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