When Cricketers Meet Energy Drinks: A Timeless Tale

With the on-going ICC World Test Championship, there isn’t a single day, we Indians don’t talk about “cricket”. Our Indian Cricket team is ready to give a hitting blow to England team and secure the lead position in the championship.

We all are proud of them and their compassionate efforts to reach a leading position in the world.

What I wonder more about is how do these young men and women stay so fit and strong despite such a brimming schedule.

No doubt, their hard work counts. But so, does the other measures they take to keep up their endurance.

Energy Drinks And Cricketers

Cricket matches are lengthy and require a lot of energy throughout a single game. It is a game where the players are expected to stay alert and fit for a longer time.

When on the ground, cricketers need to forget themselves and dedicate their entire focus to the game. Be it the batsman or the bowler, the wicket-keeper or the one at the deep cover.

Therefore, players stay too cautious when it comes to their dietary needs, work-out rules, and any early signs that need their immediate attention.

Besides, Cricket players tend to keep tabs on their body weights during the matches, for which they often consume healthy energy drinks or what is popularly known as sports drinks.

You must’ve seen the players drink some liquid during the short breaks in between the matches. They do this to delay the onset of fatigue.

Their consistent efforts to stay alert, to keep up with the endurance and their thumping physical activities, may cause fatigue conditions.
This condition can be averted with a regular intake of energy or sports drink during the game, which may not replace their dietary needs, but are a quick energy booster when they feel low in energy.

What Type Of Drinks Do The Cricketers Prefer?

The on-going test matches are intense and power draining; therefore, most cricket players take regular drink breaks during the matches.

Some of the cricketers rely on plain water to stay hydrated. While some prefer a bit more than just plain water.
They lay more emphasis on the non-caffeinated energy drinks enriched with nutritional elements like Minerals, Vitamins and Electrolytes in addition to normal glucose drinks.

Electrolytes maintain the electrolytic balance of their body, while glucose helps boost their energy.

These type of non-caffeinated energy drinks are better than caffeinated ones. They boost the endurance period for a longer time, besides keeping the cricketers healthy and hydrated. These energy drinks help the players keep up with their energy for a longer period.

Another best drink cricketer prefer are the fruit extracts or fruit juices. Fruit juices help the cricket players recharge their fuel cells.

Orange, Apple, Carrot, Cranberry juices work extremely great as energy-boosting factors. These are rich in glucose, fructose, and potassium and help the cricket players maintain their energy levels throughout the match.

Cricketers tend to avoid caffeinated drinks during the game. Apart from caffeinated drinks, they usually avoid carbonated drinks too (at least during matches), of course, for the obvious reasons.

The team makes sure it’s every effort is counted and that it leads to a huge success. let’s tune-in and cheer up our team.

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