Top wellness trends in India for 2021

The wellness trends to look out for in 2021

2020 and 2021 will be etched in our memories forever. An unforgettable once-in-a-forever pandemic forced us all to stay indoors for the larger part of both years. For many of us, it has also been marked as a year or two of reflection. As people adapted to working from home, online classes, socializing virtually, and staying away from family members, especially older ones, it led to a reassessment of goals and priorities in life. Personal health and wellness aims were right on top of this list. So, here's a look at what trends picked up last year and will continue well into 2021 (perhaps longer).

Wellness goes virtual

Necessity drove more and more people to look for help online. Health app downloads surged. Yoga, reiki, and meditation classes (among others) went online. This trend remains strong in 2021. It has been a boon for people who've been uncomfortable about working out outside or found it difficult to find the time for a physical class given busy work schedules. Prevention is better than cure

This age-old adage has become even more popular. People no longer want just quick fixes. They want to know how to be healthy overall in order to avoid getting hit by diseases in the first place. So, the emphasis has shifted to exercise, healthy food, sleep, and stress reduction. The renewed interest in yoga and Ayurveda is going to remain. A holistic approach to health Closely tied to the above point, people are moving away from trendy diets and weight loss programs. They're looking for holistic, long-term solutions. This year, like last, they will continue being mindful of their food and drink choices - from excessive sugar (especially because of diabetes and COVID-19 link) to how our foods are grown. The home turns into a gym

For people who had enough space, workouts are now at home. The best part was the realisation that you don't need fancy equipment for this. Various health apps and online classes helped. The story will most likely be the same in 2021. Self-care and mental health

The stress of a raging pandemic with other social issues took a toll on people's mental health. This often-neglected part of a healthy life was suddenly taking centre-stage now. Many people discovered the benefits of talking to therapists. This welcome change in attitudes is likely to continue.

The importance of emotional wellbeing Work from home - both office and household work - was a unique learning experience as well as a stress point. It also led to a renewed understanding and appreciation of personal boundaries, flexible working hours, and the need for adequate work-life balance. Long lost hobbies or new ones were picked up. This included baking, painting, craftwork, and more. The therapeutic impact of these was noticed, at last. People will look to retain these even when offices and schools reopen.

Increased knowledge and understanding All in all, people are willing to learn all the factors that impact their health and wellbeing. They realise that just physical exercise isn't enough. It should be backed by a healthy diet too. They're taking efforts to intimately understand their bodies' unique needs with regards to pre-packaged foods, drinks, and health supplements.

How does Prolyte help With the focus on eating right along with drinking sufficient water and exercising, people are more conscious about the supplements and energy drinks they're consuming. They've realised that this is not a magical cure but should be part of a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy energy drink like Prolyte fits perfectly in the newly attained lifestyle. With just the right amount of glucose, Vitamin C, and electrolytes, it is an ideal post-exercise drink that aids in recovery. Similarly, one can consume it during the day as well to fight off the effects of exhaustion. This is because it gives just the right boost of energy to help one go longer.

Prolyte combined with exercise, a healthy intake of fruits and veggies along with an adequate amount of water is a great fit in one's holistic health approach.

So, adopt a holistic, healthy lifestyle and turn the negativity around us into something positive.

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