How To Beat Your Fatigue?

As the famous saying goes, "You’re only as old as you feel". But what if you feel old, tired, and rundown? 


In general, it’s usual for people to feel tired or even fatigued in our fast-paced digital world. Many a time, you may find yourself running from one activity to the next, not pausing to take the time you might need to ground, balance, and soothe your soul. 


How fatigue affects your performance: 




'Tired all the time’ is a popular complaint; tiredness and fatigue are common problems. Tiredness can negatively impact performance at work, family life, and social relationships. Often, it is not a medical issue but one that can be reversed by a change of lifestyle. 


Similarly, it’s not always easy to pinpoint the exact reason you’re feeling low in energy. Constantly, you try to beat your fatigue or even find ways to feel energized.  


Simple ways to beat your fatigue: 




Below are some of the simple changes you can make to put a bit more pep in your step. 


  1. Balanced Diet - Always note that you’re getting enough nutrients by eating whole, fresh foods from a variety of food groups. Pairing unrefined carbs with protein helps you to have sustained energy levels. Following a balanced diet also promotes healthy digestion, which helps to clear and cleanse your body. Main reason to follow a healthy, balanced diet is that you’ll boost energy levels. 


  1. Regular Exercise - The benefits of regular exercise releases endorphins that naturally boosting your energy levels. It can also lead to more high-quality sleep. 


  1. Stay Hydrated - Stay properly hydrated to keep your body running at optimum levels. 


  1. Reduction in Caffeine Intake - Reducing the intake of caffeine can give you more energy in the long run. Even though caffeine might give you an initial boost of energy, after it wears off you may be left feeling depleted. Hence, slowly cutting down on your caffeine intake will help to reduce feelings of withdrawal as you balance out your natural energy levels. 


  1. Stress Reduction - Stress can zap you of the mental and physical energy needed to carry out your day with ease. Stress hormones such as Cortisol, can have a negative effect on your sleep patterns, bodily systems, and overall health. 


  1. Move more, sit less – reduce sedentary behaviour such as watching television and using computers, and break up long bouts of sitting.  


  1. Workplace issues – demanding jobs, conflicts at work and burnout are common causes of fatigue. Take steps to address your work problems. A good place to start is to talk with your human resources officer. 


Final Thoughts: 


Take steps to make lifestyle changes to your daily activities to increase your vitality. Start with what is amiable to you and go from there. You’ll likely start to improve your energy levels so you can feel your best on a daily basis. Above all, honor your body and how you’re feeling. Take a break and allow yourself time to rest when you need to. Avoid pushing yourself beyond your limits and commit to a healthy plan of action. 


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