Healthy energy drink or “just an energy drink”: How to choose?

Umm, “healthy energy drink” or “just an energy drink”?

Come on, what's the difference?

Didn't this reaction come to your mind after reading the title?

Of course, it did.
So, to clarify, No, we aren't insane. There is a huge difference between both, and you need to understand it. “just an energy drink” is an energy booster, whereas healthy energy drinks are energy fixers

What is an energy drink in general?

Energy drink is basically any fluid or beverage containing high-level stimulants that provide instant energy and recovery from energy loss. These drinks are the best after a long day at work. These drinks undo the daylong tiredness and restlessness and are an excellent alternative for regular beverages like tea, coffee or even juices. Energy drinks boost both your mental and physical performances and buck up your stamina that’s needed throughout the day.

What is the difference between a “healthy energy drink” and “just an energy drink”?

“healthy energy drinks” will provide you with stimulation and rejuvenation in addition to benefiting your health. Whereas “just an energy drink” will surely boost your energy instantly, but will also cause serious health issues. You should choose an energy drink that will not only provide you with all the stimulants and energy-boosting elements, but also, the one that will improve your digestion, ease your hunger, boost both stamina and metabolism, reduce fatigue and activate your mental alertness.

Still, confused?

Keep reading to understand the exact difference between the two, but first, let's understand why making this choice is important?

Why is the choice important? India's active demography, especially the millennials, spend almost 70% of their daily routine working odd hours, stuck in tight deadlines, hanging around on social media platforms, working out, learning new skills, developing new hobbies, and so on. You are running along with the technology, making up to the instant generation flock. You guys prefer two-minute noodles over the brewed broth noodles to save time and energy.

Similarly, what would you choose?

A glass of water, wherein you have to dissolve salt and sugar proportionately with a squeezed lemon, to prepare an energy-boosting drink or a readymade bottle of energy drink?

Many of you will choose the latter option. But what if a healthy energy drink is made available as quickly as “just an energy drink”, and that too with added nutritional components?

that's what we thought about and came up with a “healthy energy drink” idea How to choose between “just an energy drink” and a healthy energy drink? Now, here comes the crux. “Just energy drinks” are drinks that contain stimulant compounds like caffeine and carbonates. As seen above, these compounds are known for their quick and instant energy-boosting properties.

But they can be hazardous for your health.

Instead, it would be best to have an energy drink that is well-nourished and enriched with nutritional elements like electrolytes, vitamins, and fruit extracts. We guess the choice is pretty clear by now Whenever you purchase any energy drink, look up the ingredients section. You are looking for a drink that is non-caffeinated, non-carbonated, rich in vitamins and electrolytes, and complemented with a relishing taste of natural sweetness coming from fruit extracts.

That's it! Do not forget this the next time you go for an energy drink. Your choice counts for your health.

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