Healthy energy drink: 15 things you should know

Water being 70% of our body is crucial for our sustainability, making it’s regular intake critical for our body to maintain the ratio. But just plain water sounds boring, so why not switch it with a healthy energy drink?

Healthy energy drinks are energy-boosting drinks for quick stimulation and instant rejuvenation to kick-start your day.

What does the energy drink include?

Different energy drinks comprise different ingredients, like caffeine and carbonates. Though they are quick energy boosters, they aren’t good for your health.

Avoid such drinks! Instead, fill-in with healthy energy drinks containing energy boosters like Glucose in addition to other elements like electrolytes, vitamins, and fruit extracts.

Why is an electrolyte drink better?

Electrolyte drinks are electrically charged minerals and compounds, providing a refreshing instant energy boost to fight fatigue. Perfectly suitable for Indian climate conditions, electrolyte drink is the energy drink that is enriched with sodium, potassium, calcium and chloride minerals for your nourishment. These energy drinks balance electrolytes while keeping you hydrated for a longer time.

Why healthy energy drinks, despite a regular diet?

Regular nutritious diet or frequent fluid intake isn’t viable due to the fast-paced, busy routine. The body thus actuates deficiencies, dehydration and other health issues.

In addition to your regular food a quick glucose drink intake is better as a source of energy. Healthy energy drinks balance out these discrepancies besides their ultimate role as an energy booster providing healthy elements like glucose, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes and fruit extracts to your body.

Benefits of glucose and electrolyte drinks
• They boost your performance
• Increases endurance, alertness &

• Maintains water level & pH level
• Prevents fatigue
• Detoxify your body
• Activate your mornings
• Glucose in addition to electrolyte and vitamins are good for Workout recovery

Why fluids?
• Due to their quick digesting ability, they breakdown large food chunks into smaller pieces making an easy slide through your system.
• They provide essential nutrients in soluble forms.
• Improve appetite and dietary responses
• Electrolyte drinks control and satisfy hunger needs

15 things you should know about healthy energy drinks

1. Healthy energy drinks activate your digestive system and regulate your digestion process
2. Energy drinks energize you instantly
3. Energy drinks help regain the lost energy, perfectly suiting the fast life of millennial professionals, sports persons, active individuals and athletes
4. They are beneficial to reduce fatigue
5. Energy drinks are used for a quick after-workout recovery
6. Energy drinks boost endurance
7. Energy drinks improve your immunity, thus, reducing disease risk
8. energy drinks boost your metabolism
9. Energy drinks detoxify your body in the form of sweat and urination
10. Energy drinks boost your performance and recharge you for routine activities
11. Energy drinks stimulate your alertness for the day
12. Energy drinks manage weight, peculiarly for weight loss.
13. Energy drinks ease hunger
14. Quick energy booster and fatigue killer for menstruating women
15. Glucose in energy drinks restore the lost energy quickly

To sum up, you gotta chose the right drink for the right effect you wish For energy boost, go for a non-caffeinated, glucose drink enriched with nutritional elements like electrolyte and vitamins.

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