Energy Drink: A solution for quarantine fatigue

As many states go into lockdown mode, May 2021 feels like a deja vu. Except that it's not deja vu, it's real. It's like the quarantine of May 2020 but this time, it feels worse. A recent opinion piece in The New York Times, referred to the overwhelming feeling that people are experiencing this time as: languishing. This, they went on to say, might be the dominant emotion of 2021.

In stressful moments like this, you may notice an uptick in unhealthy behaviour. This could be unnecessary snacking at all hours of the day. An extreme lack of desire for physical activity brought on by a sense of lethargy is more problematic. In phases like this, it's natural to want to snap out of it. Of the many things that you can do, you could try energy drinks.

Wait, energy drinks?

Yes! Well, for starters, energy is what you need to break out of this funk. Energy drinks, especially healthy ones, are loaded with nutrients like vitamins and electrolytes that can give you the boost needed to perk you up. But steer clear of sugary concoctions because they give only temporary relief paving the way for bigger crashes later on.

Go the DIY way

The best part of these drinks is that you can get started right at home with a few basic ingredients. A simple stock of fruits like bananas, strawberries, watermelon, oranges and apples; lemons or lime are good as add-on and some natural sweeteners like raw honey or pure jaggery. Again, remember, we're staying away from excessively carbonated, caffeinated and sweetened options - these things always harm in the long run. So resist the temptation to splash in some soda or up the number of coffees you have.

Make these fruit concoctions and store them so you can have them throughout the day. Or you could just have them post workout or as breakfast. Remember these are not replacements for meals. They're a good complement to a healthy lifestyle that includes diet and exercise.

Consider energy drinks off the shelf

If you're in a hurry or don't have the time or inclination to make your own energy drinks, there are healthy prepared drinks available for sale that you can opt for. Don't buy any blindly. Check the labels carefully. Study the ingredients before you check out. Energy drinks like Prolyte are much better than plain glucose based drinks. Loaded with vitamin C and electrolytes, they boost your energy and get you feeling fresher and more alert.

However, remember that energy drinks aren't the only weapons in your arsenal. In fact, they should never be the only ones. They work best when used the right way - along with a healthy diet and sufficient levels of physical activity.

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