Electrolyte energy drinks: Busting the myths

Today's hectic lifestyle, changing climatic conditions, epidemic outbreaks, pollution, and contamination have compelled us to become more health-conscious. With the rising health awareness among people, all the traditional, natural, modern living standards and dietary trial runs are being tested to find better ways to keep ourselves healthy. Especially the rising temperatures during summers and the resulting dehydration has enforced us to search for additional alternatives to stay healthy.

One of the top positions in this list is secured by Electrolytes.

Which further brings us to the myths and strange assumptions related to electrolytes. We have tried bursting these myths and set free this incredible source of good health.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are the minerals dispensed through the body's fluid and are circulated throughout the blood. They conduct electricity when dissolved in water and use this electrical energy to carry out critical bodily functions. These are the mineral ions found in your blood and sweat. Electrolytes are responsible for many critical functions of your body to work smoothly. The mineral ions like Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, Chloride, Magnesium, Phosphate, Bicarbonate, and many more compose electrolytes.

Busting the Myths

Now that we have taken a quick ride through what exactly electrolytes are let's start unfurling the facts about them. "Electrolyte drinks should only be consumed by sportspeople or athletes who perform heavy physical activities, and it's not for everyone." Electrolytes are the key components to carry out essential bodily functions and maintain our good health. Also, they travel throughout the body with the help of body fluid and regulate critical factors like nerve function and muscle contraction, pH levels, and metabolism, irrespective of who you are. You will need electrolytes even if you are an IT professional or delivery guy. Electrolyte energy drinks benefit all. Drinking just water during summers is enough to stay hydrated Firstly, it's essential to maintain fluid balance irrespective of weather conditions. Secondly, our body's fluid balance system is the most critical factor to maintain good health. Any imbalance in these fluids is an open invitation to health issues, sometimes serious ones. Fluid loss occurs due to excessive sweating, respiration, or even excretion. With this fluid loss, we lose water and critical ions like electrolytes. Therefore, it is crucial to recover this electrolyte loss too. This is why just water isn't enough, and you need an electrolyte drink to rejuvenate from the fatigue caused by fluid loss.

Glucose drinks are sufficient to provide energy and nutrition This is something we all believe and is partially true. No doubt glucose drinks are suitable for an energy boost, but they are not enough to provide essential nutrients and hydration to your body. Of course, glucose drinks are best to boost your energy instantly, but you need something more than a plain glucose drink, and that is an electrolyte drink. Electrolyte drinks provide you with the lost electrolytes in the right amount; besides, they rehydrate your body. Hence, always choose a drink with both glucose and electrolytes' goodness.

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