Best drink for sports-persons after a heavy workout?

We all are proud of our sports fraternity and the magnificent legacy and elegant glory they represent. As a nation, we all have witnessed some of the glorious sports moments and some of the finest players. Both our men and women have equally contributed to fortify the bequest.

We all have seen their final achievements, but have we known about their journey, their hardships?

Let’s take a quick peep into that part of a sportspersons life that we are unaware of!

The daily routine of an average sportsperson

Sportspersons or athletes need to perform high-intensity workouts, long training sessions and frequent bouts of strenuous exercise.

A typical pro athlete or for that matter any average determined sportsperson, be it men or women, would train around 5-6 hours a day and six days a week, even if there isn’t any sports event nearing.

This is the amount of hard work our young athletes need to get engaged daily, to maintain their performance consistency.

With these activities, they need to ensure their grip over the game. It helps them identify their strength and weakness and how they could improve their performance.

Why sportspersons need extra energy?

As we have seen in the earlier section, intense activities are a 365-day routine for a sportsperson. To stay active and hydrated and keep up with the required stamina for such an extended period, they need a constant supply of energy, nutrients and hydrating elements.

Sportspersons push themselves harder through their endurance poise, which may ultimately cause fatigue and restlessness in them, affecting their physical and mental capacity.

For an acing performance to beget, a sportsperson cannot rely on the regular diet and water. Of course, a balanced diet and regular water intake are the keys to good health, but when it comes to sportspersons and athletes, they need an “extra energy alternative” to perform intense physical activities.

What drink should a sportsperson have after a daily workout?

Of all the healthy drinks available like fruits & vegetable juices, coconut water, milk, hot beverages etc., a sportsperson should choose that drink which will not only provide energy & fuel to perform better but also, will quickly recover lost energy and instantly rejuvenate from the fatigue caused due to the physical activities.

You can find these properties in an energy drink made of nutrients like Glucose, Electrolytes, vitamins. The taste of these energy drinks is enhanced with fruit extracts making them more nourishing.

Some energy drinks also contain caffeine, which, though provide with instant stimulation, aren’t right for your health if consumed in excess. Hence sportspersons are advised to choose a non-caffeinated and non-carbonated electrolyte drink to preserve their health and endurance besides energy rejuvenation.

What difference will energy drink make?

Consuming energy drinks before, after or during a workout helps sportspersons maintain optimum glucose levels.

Energy drinks will ensure quick recovery from the energy loss they meet due to heavy physical activities

It will help balance the energy levels, hydration, and nutrition recovery.

It will help with refilling the glycogen pool.

It will replace lost fluids and electrolytes.


• Energy drinks enriched with electrolytes, glucose and vitamins are good for any sportsperson after a heavy workout.

• Energy drinks prevent fatigue or help recover from fatigue quickly which is essential for any sportsperson

What’s your take on this? would you choose a healthy energy drink as a sportsperson?

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