5 drinks to stack on your office desk

Earlier times, our desks were full of files and documents, but as slowly these piles started shifting to desktop folders, our desk made room for other essential things like family pics, snacks, achievement frames, award displays, flowers, greetings, decorative art pieces, and whatnot. Every professional working in a typical office environment would 100 percent relate to this article; So, here's a quick guide on drinks you can stack on your desk.

Why is refreshing yourself essential?

The office job is not just sitting upright on a desk for 9-10 hours, but it involves activities like back-to-back meetings, delivering presentations, frequent email checks, getting the paperwork done, finishing off the targets, and working on deadlines. Getting eyes strained due to desktop screen, stiffness, numbness, neck/back/hip pains, and muscle fatigue are common consequences of the above activities. Therefore, a quick refreshment(not smoking) is a must to stay active for a longer part of the day. Therefore, anything that refreshes you will help with improved performance, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Benefits of stacking your office desk with drinks

Our office is like the second home where we spend almost half of our day. Keeping handy some essential things you frequently need makes your desk well organized, decorative and pleasant to work. Our working environment should be clean, vibrant, bright, and interesting, which ultimately reflects our performance.

But why drinks? Our body needs a continuous supply of fluids. Drinks are quicker to provide energy, regulate appetite, and keep our inner system properly functioning. We can stay hydrated, energetic, and refreshed with sufficient fluid intake. While working, we usually ignore drinking adequate water, resulting in fatigue, tiredness, dehydration, etc. Hence it's better to keep a water bottle or certain drinks handy.

5 drinks that you should stack on your office desk


To start with, the natural choice, of course, would be healthy, well-purified water. Water is involved in various functions including transport of oxygen, nutrients and waste in and out of the cells. Therefore, a water bottle is a must on your desk.

Your favorite coffee If you are a coffee or tea lover, you may have this drink product on your desk. Most people do not prefer office machine tea or coffee. If you stack your desk with your favorite beans, maybe a latte, robusta, arabica, or cappuccino, you can have your beverage any time you want. But, keep it limited as you don't want to stack caffeine into your body.

Lemon water

Lemon water, or as we all know commonly as "nimbu pani" in India, is another favorite drink you could stock on your desk. You will appreciate this drink on a hot summer afternoon. Nothing is more refreshing than a glass filled with sweet and salty lemon drinks. Plus, it is a rich source of vitamin c, that maintains the body's immune system. Energy drink

Many of us would prefer this drink over all other drinks, even water. Energy drinks are not just something to hydrate us, but these drinks are a good choice for a quick energy boost and refreshment. Energy drinks, especially glucose drinks, enriched with healthy nutrients like electrolytes, fruit extracts, and vitamins, are a good choice. These drinks provide us with adequate essential nutrients, boost energy, help maintain pH levels, keep up with the immune system, and all this while keeping us hydrated. Juice

This is another drink choice if you are a fruit fan. Nowadays, you get naturally squeezed fruit juices available in tetra packs that are ready to drink or added to water. Anyhow it may be, these drinks too are an excellent choice to stay hydrated and provide you with essential nutrients.

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