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About Prolyte

Prolyte, the Professional Electrolyte, one of the best energy drinks in India, is a ready to serve fruit energy drink infused with Electrolytes and Vitamin C that revives, recharges and gets you ready to go for longer.


Prolyte Energy Drink

Prolyte Energy Drink


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"I really felt energetic having this after my work out. Provides energy as it contains Vitamin C and tastes really good. My favourite is the Apple flavor. Would definitely recommend this energy drink."


29 May 2020

"Prolyte is a good energy drink and I like Apple flavor. Helped me regain my energy when I was tired. My overall experience with this energy drink has been good."


28 May 2020

"Prolyte is a refreshing drink and tastes good. It recharges your energy and boosts your energy level up. I loved it."


12 May 2020

"I like the product a lot because it does it’s job perfectly and energizes the body. It tastes good and I would totally recommend this energy drink."


28 April 2020

"Prolyte is a good energy drink which recharged my energy after my workout. I felt refreshed and re-energized after drinking it."


19 April 2020